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How Pinsight Can Help Your Organization

ICC August 14, 2017 0 Comments

By: Clark Jenkins

Promoting the right person and hiring the right person have always been, and continue to be a challenge and expensive task for most organizations. At ICC, we are excited to offer our clients an amazing tool gauged towards leadership development – Pinsight. PinsightTM is the first comprehensive, global talent-management solution accurately predicting employees’ potential to execute strategy for your organization’s competitive advantage.
Based on decades of research, this methodology is one of the most powerful talent management interventions available. It allows you to hone in on each employee’s skills development progress to determine when he or she is ready for the next level of leadership.


Managers misidentify the right talent for succession 60% of the time. Pinsight™ replaces personal bias with objective, high-accuracy data that gives the organization a roadmap with specific training needs. This system ties succession planning directly to leadership development and business strategy.

Based on Big Data, proprietary algorithms, and online certified-assessor challenges and evaluations, the simulation identifies an A-Player’s potential, gaps, and training required to drive strategy in their next position. Invest in the specific development needs of each employee, rather than using a shotgun approach that targets everyone with the same information.


Pinsight’s award-winning live leadership simulations are 250% more accurate than job interviews and 80% less expensive than in-person assessment centers. The trained assessors observe over 250 different leadership behaviors that result in the most accurate assessment of readiness and potential. Imagine the power and the ROI of getting your selection right the first time!



If you have ever had an AOL account or watched a movie on betamax, you likely remember assessment centers. Believe it or not, some companies still believe in this dinosaur. The costs of travel and boarding and the long day of an in-person assessment should be enough to derail this outdated sitcom. Pinsight™ is affordable and is tiered amongst several levels, Manager, Mid- Level, Salesperson, and Senior Level. Conveniently, Pinsight can be assessed anywhere in the world with an internet connection.


Clients who we have worked with have cited a huge advantage over other live assessment tools including a user-friendly Pinsight report. With the touch of a button, Pinsight™ allows the client to receive an in-depth report that the client can print off and discuss actionable steps with their team or individual leader. The online portal report is easy to navigate and integrate as well.  Pinsight offers development suggestions that are short burst of learning – 5-minute activities –to help with the integration of learnings and readiness of the learner. Competitive assessments such as DDI, are still playing catch-up in reporting, integration of development action plans, and they also charge additional fees for a quick report turnaround.

Don’t take our word for it.  Pinsight™ has received numerous awards for this platform including the 2015 Chief Learning Officer in Learning and Practice Awards, as well as the 2016 Silver Excellence Award from the Brandon Hall Group. ICC is a proud exclusive provider of this world class assessment tool. When your organization is ready to start the assessment conversation, please do not hesitate to reach out for a free demo.

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