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Managing the Stress of Losing Your Job

ICC October 28, 2022 0 Comments

Sometimes I decide to change for change’s sake.  That is how much I like change. And yet here I was thinking “Now I’ve done it.”  My husband changes for no one if he can help it.  He hates change and yet six months earlier I found myself agreeing with his crazy idea that we would buy a second house and move to Mexico for half the year.  Why wouldn’t I? Sounds like a dream right? We both realized after Covid that we could work from anywhere.  I guess we were going to take that idea seriously and we clearly thought we had endless resources.  We didn’t and the fact that neither of us speak Spanish was a side note.

Moving forward things start to take a turn.  Suddenly we are selling our house, selling our cars, and selling half of our belongings. Now we are completely moving everything lock stock and barrel to Mexico.  I kept saying, “this is not exactly what I signed up for.” And yet we kept moving ahead. Now I was scared.  Stop, Stop, STOP!

Fast forward a month, and I am walking to the grocery store and hauling my things back in a cart.  It took a full week to open a bank account and 2 days to get the locks changed in our new house.  I don’t know anyone and am missing my friends and coworkers.

Those who know me know that I am not necessarily the most optimistic person in the world and yet, somehow, I am not unhappy.  I don’t lament the lack of convenience, the issues we face with the language barrier, the lack of a car, or not even knowing anyone.  I kind of relish it.

As I was describing what it is like just to get groceries, someone asked if I missed the U.S.  And I truly thought, no.  I am neither thrilled to be gone nor thrilled to be here.  It just is what it is.

This made me start thinking about what ICC does.  We help people navigate huge life transitions.  Losing a job is a huge life transition for most.  It is hard.  And scary. And infuriating. And demoralizing.  It is all the things.  In fact, it is one of the biggest stressors there is.  Sometimes, even if we love change, there can be too much change in our lives.  Let us help you.  Engage in our programs, use our platform, and reach out to a coach.  Don’t let life happen to you.  Take control and accept that this change is neither good nor bad.  It is just change and you can do it!

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