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Top 3 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

ICC June 20, 2022 0 Comments

One of the best tools to find a job right now is LinkedIn. LinkedIn has more than 774 million members, many of which are recruiters and hiring managers. 

If you want a job on LinkedIn, you must start with a compelling LinkedIn profile.

Three things that must be done to create that compelling profile are:

1. Upload a great pic.

If you’re using LinkedIn to find a job, ensure your profile photo impresses. Make your picture professional, friendly, and straightforward. It’s not necessary to wear ties and suits, but you probably shouldn’t choose a picture where you’re drinking beer.

Add a background to make your profile stand out. However, your headshot’s more important because employers see it before they even click your profile.

2. Write a meaningful headline.

Next, you need a great LinkedIn headline. Your headline appears when you apply for a job, when you appear in search results, etc.

A very important reminder is that you do not want to put “actively seeking positions." That doesn’t tell employers much about what you do or why they should care. Focus on your skills and how you can help them.

A great headline is essential if you want to stand out, make a good impression, and land a job using LinkedIn.  To view a few examples, visit LinkedIn Headline Examples.

3. Fill out all 50 skills.

Make sure you’re using all 50 skill slots that LinkedIn allows. This feature is a big part of using LinkedIn in a job search. Recruiters and hiring managers will easily find you based on their search parameters. Recruiters constantly search LinkedIn for skills, so the more skills you list, the more you appear in searches!

Take a peek at your resume and look at colleagues and peers in your field on LinkedIn for ideas. What skills do your colleagues and connections have listed? Use that as inspiration.

Of course, there are many features that you can use to improve your profile.  These are but the top three.  What do you think are the important items to include?

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