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Keeping the Momentum of a Job Search Going During December

ICC November 14, 2022 0 Comments

By: Jill Thompson

Taking this time of year off from your job search is the biggest mistake job seekers can make. Don’t be that person. There are plenty of opportunities to get hired at the end of the year.  Frankly, there is usually less competition because of the assumption that companies aren’t hiring. And companies who are hiring now usually move along the process very quickly. Do not stop looking!

Here are a few ideas to keep positive energy flowing during the hectic time of the holiday season:

Prepare yourself. Make sure you do these things now:

  1. Your resume and cover letter are top-notch, easy to read and tell your story well.
  2. Your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date, and your contact info is easy to find.
  3. Ideal roles and target companies are identified.
  4. Volunteer – Giving back to others in your community is a proven way to meet new people, network, and learn new skills. In December, lots of organizations need volunteers.
  5. Attend holiday social events – Many business groups and associations hold events in December. Get a friend to go with and meet new people.
  6. Make sure your elevator pitch is ready, but only let some conversations revolve around your job search.
    1. I am…..
    2. Most recently I……………
    3. Here’s what makes me different…
    4. I’m most proud of…

A few more tips include:

  1. Informational interviews – some decision makers have more time for meetings during the last two weeks of December. Take advantage of this downtime by setting these up in advance.
  2. Reconnect with your contacts – now’s a good time to revisit your LinkedIn connections, talk to former colleagues, and reach out to people in your network. Send them an email or a card. Ask them how they are doing and thank them for any help they’ve offered during this time. Be gracious.
  3. Be flexible – sometimes, interviewing happens very close to the holidays if there’s an immediate need. To fit a recruiter’s busy schedule, be flexible about meeting times.
  4. Keep up with your company connections.  Believe it or not, it can be a hiring season for many companies. You’ll be top of mind if you’ve kept up with your search.

Job search is an up-and-down process, and holiday busyness can make it worse! Following some of these tips can help keep the job search momentum alive! Good luck, and we would love to hear what things have worked for you.


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