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Client Success Story

  • Category: Executive Coaching/Leadership Development
  • Project name: Executive Coaching Services
  • Date: 2021
  • Industry: Financial Services


After a recent launch of the company’s digital division, the leader who was promoted to launch and direct this initiative was failing due to limited experience, lack of leadership skills and inadequate executive presence needed to spearhead this large business venture. Often, she was perceived as competing with her own teammates and did not display the necessary emotional intelligence to lead a team. ICC provided executive coaching for a 6-month engagement that focused on enhancing her leadership skills and presence. The coach met with the leader and her identified sponsors to refine objectives and goals and determine how success would be measured. Through facilitated dialogue, expectations, metrics and outcomes were clarified for the coaching engagement. A period of active coaching, a midpoint check-in with sponsors and coaching for improvement and sustainability followed. This coaching program resulted in heightened self-awareness, increased level of emotional intelligence and leadership ability. The leader felt the coaching was so successful that she integrated ongoing, quarterly team coaching with her direct reports to ensure that the entire team was working in unison rather than in a competitive spirit.

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