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The Refocusing Leadership Series: The Value of HR in Embracing the Disruption (ep. 2)

ICC July 17, 2020 0 Comments

Welcome to episode 2 of our special Refocusing Leadership series “The Value of HR in Embracing the Disruption.”

In our second episode, Dan Ginsberg, Head of Talent for Shake Shack, talks with ICC’s Brian Hallahan about how organizations can accelerate moving forward by tapping the collective intelligence of internal talent, starting with Human Resources. Dan shares his experiences and advice on how HR leaders can refocus their leadership and continue to be a critically needed partner in the business especially during today’s turbulent conditions.

Topics Brian and Dan address:

  • Without a playbook to tell leaders what to do, Dan shares experiences, advice, and practices he’s finding useful to guide his leadership approach and decisions in our current environment. 
  • The scope and pace of change in the pandemic, in which literally overnight, the economy and the way business was allowed to be conducted was upended and its impact on organizations and their people.
  • The questions HR leaders need to be asking themselves right now in their discussions as partners in the business with other senior leaders

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