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DisruptHR 2017 Speakers Announced

ICC August 1, 2017 0 Comments

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July 27, 2017, Denver, CO — Topics and speakers for the 8th DisruptHR Denver in August have been selected! The next installment of this convention-shattering business event will be held Aug. 24th at EXDO Events Center. For tickets: http://disrupthr.co/denver.

From hiring ex-convicts and conducting bass-ackward salary negotiations to arguing why “fit” ain’t it and hearing confessions of a corporate counselor, the topics at the next DisruptHR Denver on Aug. 24, 2017, will cause serious pattern interrupt in the traditional ways we think about talent in the workplace. Join ICC as one of the sponsors and learn from these souls brave enough to share their crazy, unconventional ideas with 300+ human resources and other business leaders.


  • Would you hire O.J.? Maybe not this particular convicted individual, but Rustin Tonn, Regional HR Manager for a national digital commerce and fulfillment giant, dares us to consider Ex-Offenders: An Unentitled Talent Pool. He highlights why the values and benefits of hiring and developing people with previous criminal convictions outweigh the risks of “negligent hiring” fear.


  • Snakes, Humans and Hiring for Diversity. Kickbox Developer Advocate Emily Freeman says we have a lot to learn from our more scaly reptilian associates about empathy so that differences no longer divide. She’ll highlight evolutionary forces that make human brains desire conformity, look at Solomon Asch’s study on social pressure and discover how one simple change can open our eyes and help us start hiring and retaining diverse candidates.


  • Who hasn’t dreamt of conducting The No Filter Job Interview? Kelly Marinelli of Solve HR tells us exactly how and shares the sad-but-true script for what interviewers usually say about what it’s like to work at an employer, complemented by photos of actual conditions in the real workplace. (THIS should be a good.) She won’t leave us hanging, then, as she also gives five tips for being authentic without scaring away great candidates.


  • It’s not just HR that’s Taking On Well-Intentioned Extremists. As an engineer and manager and the current Manufacturing Program Manager at Barber-Nichols, Kari Sanders has dealt with her share of “talented terrorists.” They’re smart. They do good work. Yet, while they think they mean well, they are destroying the entire team from the inside. Kari offers that bringing data to a discussion on “soft skills” is no easy feat but is one answer for dealing with high-performing technical professionals who respond better to objective evidence of the “people” problems their managers see.


  • In Disrupting Performance Management: The Struggle is Real and Some Sticky Solutions, Josh Craver, Global Head of Talent Management at Western Union, shares a three-year shake-up – starting with engaging the CEO and executive team, then the top 500 leaders and finally all people managers – that started with transformation of the performance management process and ended up driving serious change throughout the organization.


  • Licensed therapist and EAP pro Mark DeFee divulges his Confessions of a Corporate Counselor through real-life stories of dealing with behavioral health challenges in the workplace. Learn how to talk to employees who’ve disclosed a mental health condition or other personal issue; the dangers in “diagnosing” and making assumptions about an employee; and what every individual can do to increase happiness and productivity in the workplace.


  • Everybody talks about hiring for culture fit. But Dave Needham of Ohos argues that Fit Ain’t It. He defies everything we think we know about the benefits of culture fit and challenges companies who want to innovate, change, evolve, adapt and lead the way to change how they regard culture fit and start looking at value alignment and individuality instead.


  • Boy bands were built to tap into the dreams and fantasies of teen girls around the world. From the bad boy to the mysterious male, each member is carefully selected to attract and recruit more die-hard fans. (See: Backstreet Boys in the late 90s). Katrina Kibben, copywriter for Randstadt Sourceright, exclaims I Want It That Way and confronts us with the fact that AI, machine learning and big data actually offer the opportunity to make hiring truly human-centric instead of a consequence of a dumb machine.


  • It’s not about will. It’s Where There’s a Skill, There’s a Way. Want to improve your business and broaden your talent pools? Beth Cobert, CEO of Skillful, proves how current screening practices lead to a narrow viewpoint of what “qualified” talent is, exposing our overreliance on degrees, tenure and “right” experience and compels us to search for useful and unique transferable skills lurking in the shadows.


  • Hate salary talks? Jennifer Bilger, HR Manager at Charter Communications, declares there IS another way… try Bass-Ackward Salary Negotiations: An Upside-Down [Better] Way to Make the Offer. After making 143 offers last year without negotiating more than 3,140 people accepted her offers without bargaining. She shares how you can make the right offer that keeps candidates excited, engaged and makes ‘em happy the first time.


  • Talent acquisition consultant Christine Alling wants to know: Do you see Hypocrisy in Hiring in your companies? Do hiring managers practically require candidates to come dressed in a suit while they’re in a t-shirt and jeans? Expect thank you notes when we don’t even follow up with candidates we should be thanking and declining? Stop wondering why we can’t attract the best talent to our companies and fix this with her tips for making recruiting a two-way street.


  • If you think Unemployed = Unemployable, Andrea Papa believes you are unbelievably uninformed. She addresses the misconceptions, poor perceptions and taboo attitudes of the unemployed workforce by employers through the story of finding her own resilience as a job seeker. She empowers employers with ideas to think differently and become best practice leaders around talent acquisition and development by engaging the existing workforce to identify and attract these progressive and high-performing contributors.


  • Should we F the [HR] Function!? [That’s forget the HR function, in case you’re thinking of another “F.”] That is, to forget HR as we know it today, to take action to stop the cycles, processes and persistent problems that lead to the headlines, blog posts and tweets that diminish the credibility, impact and influence of the HR function. Does HR deserve to be blamed for some of the most public missteps companies make? Kendra Haberkorn, VP of People at Guild Education, says yes and offers HR as the advocate for strategic, measurable programs and initiatives that transform teams and lead to real impact that even the CEO and CFO will buy into.



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