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New Research Study Unveils Key Business Trends and COVID-19 Impact for 2021

ICC November 16, 2020 0 Comments

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New Research Study Unveils Key Business Trends and COVID-19 Impact for 2021

November 16, 2020, Denver, CO – With all of the changes that have occurred as a result from the ongoing pandemic, ICC: Innovate. Coach. Consult., a global outplacement and leadership development firm, conducted a research study to uncover the business impact of COVID-19 and trends to be prepared for as we inch toward a new year.

Respondents from the study are representative of the following industries: alcoholic beverages, architecture services, finance, banking, insurance, advertising, public relations, aerospace, airlines, government, healthcare, and professional services and consulting.

When asked to speak on behalf of the results, Shawna Simick, the President of Business Leadership at ICC said “The most interesting finding in this report is that 45% of businesses who responded said their business will continue to run business as usual. Although their people or management challenges have shifted dramatically, such as the move to a complete remote workforce for some, business operations haven’t been impacted (reported as remained normal). There have been so many negative aspects to this year – 2020; yet, there are so many hidden positive attributes as well.”

The report highlights critical data points for organizations as they begin planning for 2021 such as: the percentage of employees working remotely, top management challenges, COVID-19’s impact on revenue and business operations, and priorities for supporting employees in 2021.To download a PDF version of the  full report, please click here: https://www.innovateicc.com/2020-business-impact-and-workforce-trends-report/.


For more information about ICC’s services in leadership development or compassionate outplacement,  please visit: https://www.innovateicc.com

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