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Prepare to Disrupt! Speakers Have Been Selected for DisruptHR Denver on March 8, 2018

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Prepare to Disrupt! Speakers Have Been Selected for DisruptHR Denver on March 8, 2018


February 8, 2018, Denver, CO – After months of anticipation, the moment is finally here! Twelve DisruptHR Denver speakers have been chosen, and their needle-moving topics are unparalleled even to those from previous years. The upcoming installment of this innovative, convention-shattering event will be held on March 8th at the EXDO Events Center Denver. Tickets can be purchased here.


From solutions on ending the trust crisis that is rocking the HR world, to developing modern solutions that combat wasting development dollars on ineffective leadership programs, the topics at DisruptHR Denver on March 8, 2018, will surely transform the traditional, talent-focused conversations in the workplace.


Join ICC: Innovate. Coach. Consult. as the Chief Disruptor and learn from these spunky, spirited and forward-thinking souls brave enough to share their progressive ideas with 300+ human resources and business leaders in Colorado.


  • “There aren’t enough quality candidates.” “The candidate isn’t/wasn’t a good fit.” “We’re too busy.” All of these clichés denote the lack of diversity in the workplace. GO TEAM! Hire College Athletes to Increase Diversity will highlight a potential solution to increasing workplace diversity. That solution? Recruit and hire a college athlete. Using data, an example process and anecdotes, Moe Cantrell, former University of Colorado football captain, regales with football analogies to illustrate how college athletics could fit into a corporate diversity and recruiting strategy.


  • In How to Make Your Team Wish They Were Dead, former Air Force officer Lindsey Kirchhoff will highlight the false dilemma of the mutually exclusive either/or mentality — “Either I achieve my goals or I treat my employees as humans.” Highlighting her experience working in the nation’s military mortuary, she cautions that in a high stress, high stakes environment, caring for your employees demonstrates an investment in the success of any mission or endeavor for an organization.


  • When it’s easier to head to the HR Fortress of Solitude or the Stark tower, Wendy Dailey unveils the importance of finding your HR tribe, your HR Superfriends: Creating Your Own Justice League.In this high energy talk, Dailey will crack the code to finding fellow HR Avengers.


  • Persons over 50 are often overlooked when identifying potential candidates to fill positions at all levels. Bob Bowman will highlight how enlightened companies can be well-served by considering this experienced and motivated group of individuals in Old But Not Forgotten – Boomers Bouncing Back.


  • Someone has to take the first step. Disrupting American Healthcare: Saving America from Itself by David Silverstein focuses on how Colorado can lead the change that the nation needs to see in order to make the system functional. How about them apples?


  • Just a generation ago, having faith in — and trusting — institutions seemed to be a way of life. After countless scandals have rocked banks, churches, government, schools and other organizations, our society’s trust has degraded to frightening levels, leaving Americans to protect and fend for themselves. Sara Dennis’ Trust Crisis – Redefining Leadership through Neuroscience will outline the important role that HR and empathy-based leadership can play in paving the way towards positive change in the workplace.


  • Martin Lanik, organizational psychologist and CEO of Pinsight®, introduces a solution to the problem of ineffective leadership training. In The Leader Habit Formula: Master Leadership in Just Minutes a Day, Lanik offers a revolutionary new approach that enables people to become better leaders by creating new habits a little at a time.


  • Stop throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping it sticks! It’s time for a fresh perspective, and Angela Gaffney’s Stop that Behavior: Your Wellness Program is Suffering More than Your Employees will shift your mindset as she reveals the secret to creating a wellness movement that centers on you, your team, your budget and ends with a return on your investment.


  • The typical total rewards philosophy at most companies is, “We offer programs that are market competitive.” The tragedy is this approach prioritizes what competitors are paying over what your employees actually want. Chad Atwell’s Average Isn’t a Compensation Strategy will uncover how to establish a higher level of intimacy with your workforce that sets a foundation of respect and trust, creating a true differentiator for organizations in the workplace.


  • Our culture suggests that introverts are weak networkers. Shocker! This is not only false, but a cultural norm that restricts introverts from tapping into their full potential. During Why Introverts Kick Ass at Networking!, Alyce Blum shares the innate strengths introverts already have and how they can tap into them to see a return on networking.


  • Shhhhh… Do you know the dirty secret of corporate training? No matter how much you invest into training and development, nearly everything you teach to your employees will be forgotten. Indeed, although corporations spend 60 billion dollars a year on training, this investment is like pumping gas into a car that has a hole in the tank. During Training Malfunction: A Tale of Two Cities, Susan Ruhl, President and CFO of ICC: Innovate. Coach. Consult., will dissect the forgetting curve and offer the right way to develop effective leadership development programs that include learning necessary reinforcement.


  • To avoid becoming the next big news story, companies must take a deep look at their culture and see if it truly reflects values that align with their mission and attracts the type of talent they hope to employ and retain. In Avoid Becoming the Next Headline, Elaine Marino will provide the 5 tactics that organizations and HR departments can employ immediately to hire and retain a workforce that includes all qualified professionals, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, or economic status.


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DisruptHR Denver is a high-energy idea forum designed to inform and empower executives, business leaders, professionals in the human resources field and anyone, really, who are passionate about how we think about and treat our talent. This lively evening features spirited, focused presentations by local professionals who’ll share their unconventional ideas on how to move our collective thinking forward when it comes to talent in the workplace.


The next DisruptHR Denver will be held at EXDO Event Center, Thursday, March 8 2018, 5:00pm-8:30pm. For more information: http://disrupthr.co/denver. For tickets: http://bit.ly/registerdhr.









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