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Tyson Jackson: Biography

Tyson believes that the key to creating strong workplace cultures is through leadership development that empowers corporate citizenship. After taking a series of personal development courses, he began his journey to become a certified coach and now helps individuals and groups create extraordinary results in their professional and private lives. Tyson is a natural storyteller and uses his sense of humor to find the commonalities within groups to motivate and inspire them to greatness.

Prior to joining ICC, Tyson worked in the aviation industry for more than 12 years and wore many hats including flight attendant, field supervisor, operational manager, and senior analyst of policy and procedure. He was instrumental in working cross-departmentally to align front-line worker needs with existing capabilities while onboarding more than 5,000 flight attendants.  

Tyson enjoys camping with his rescue dog Sugar outside of work. He also enjoys cooking up Cajun-inspired meals with the food he grows in his local community garden. 

In his role at ICC, he has worked with clients from a varied range of industries and at all levels from within those organizations.

Fun Facts About Tyson:

Team Builder

Culture Guru

Diversity Driven

Compassionate Listener

Proud Dog Dad

Lifelong Learner

Part-Time Podcaster

Future Super Star

Education & Certifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts, Thomas Edison State University
  • Graduate Student, Management & Leadership, Western Governors University
  • Certified Development & Life Coach, Institute at WOW Coaching
  • ICF Member, International Coaching Federation

Community Engagement:

  • Volunteer Coach & Team Captain, Momentum Education
  • Volunteer, Avid Gardener, Brewerytown Community Garden

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