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ICC November 18, 2020 0 Comments

In Ep. 2 of this special series, we discuss a critical element in new manager success: organizations’ need to coach newly promoted front-line managers in their evolving role as strong communicators. ICC expert facilitator and coach Amy

ICC November 16, 2020 0 Comments

For Immediate Release Media Contact: Megan Kirsch [email protected] (855) 865-4400 New Research Study Unveils Key Business Trends and COVID-19 Impact for 2021 November 16, 2020, Denver, CO - With all of the changes that have occurred as

ICC November 10, 2020 0 Comments

By: Jill  Thompson 4 Strategies for Conducting Effective Layoffs at the End of 2020 As we head toward the close of 2020, the economic uncertainty brought on by this year's events is far from over. Many corporations

ICC November 9, 2020 0 Comments

As the COVID-19 pandemic began to take hold earlier this year, life as we knew it was upended and changed. Who would have predicted such upheaval when we rang in 2020? Schools closed, businesses shuttered, lockdowns ordered,

Exciting news from ICC!

ICC is excited to announce that we have joined forces with Keystone Partners. With our shared commitment to providing innovative solutions as trusted advisors, Keystone Partners and ICC are set to revolutionize the HR industry and redefine the way organizations address their professional development and career transition needs.