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Preparing First-Time Managers to Transition from Buddy to Boss (ep. 2)

ICC November 18, 2020 0 Comments

In Ep. 2 of this special series, we discuss a critical element in new manager success: organizations’ need to coach newly promoted front-line managers in their evolving role as strong communicators.

ICC expert facilitator and coach Amy Twiggs shares practical steps organizations must take to help new managers avoid specific challenges*:

  • 39% of direct reports say their supervisors don’t provide constructive feedback
  • 51% simply state managers don’t communicate with subordinates
  • 52% report their manager doesn’t have time to meet with employees
  • 57% declare their manager doesn’t provide clear directions

Bottom line: companies must do better to help new, front-line managers grasp unfamiliar responsibilities in communicating to former peers as the boss. This episode highlights just what organizations need to do in support of their budding communicators.

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