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4 Essential Elements of Your Leadership Development Strategy

ICC February 15, 2022 0 Comments

Now, I don’t know about you – but lately, I’ve had many thoughtful conversations with colleagues, family members, and friends about the challenges over the past couple of years. It’s become clear that these conversations are shadowed by two common themes: change and re-evaluation. Change in life circumstances, working environments, family dynamics, money, stability, expectations, jobs, and re-evaluation are a product of those changes. 

Many organizations have also begun to make changes based on the talent market and the need to meet employee demands. They are re-evaluating their priorities and putting their talent in the driver’s seat. Has your organization shifted from hiring new talent and thriving to surviving and retaining current employees? Offering reward-based or human resource programs that demonstrate your commitment to an employee’s long-term success will not only show your team members that you are invested in them but that you also value their contributions to the company. In addition, providing leadership development opportunities can be a great way to ensure the backbone of your organization has the level of support needed to make your organization flourish among the competition. When considering different leadership programs, the solution you choose must have the following components:

  1. Microlearning activities. These are technology-reinforced, bite-sized learning segments that allow for knowledge transfer in a more accessible, more efficient manner. Think videos, quizzes, podcasts, and other interactive content that are seamlessly integrated into an employee’s workday.
  2. Reinforcements. Delivered via email or text notifications, reinforcements are expertly crafted, technology-driven activities to help guide learners through additional content over time. This approach to learning helps combat the inevitable forgetting curve, increase retention of learned material, and drive lasting behavior change.
  3. Live, remote group coaching. This component is critical, as it helps the learner keep the content alive and objectives top of mind. Coaching drives accountability and application of any new learned skill, allowing your employees to apply their learnings to the job, role, and company.
  4. Manager support. Designated, structured support tools enable the manager or an organizational sponsor to reinforce your employee’s learning and engage them in dialogue to develop performance and stimulate growth.

Are you curious to learn more about how these 4 components of leadership training can support your organization? Visit this link for insights on our online leadership development strategy and how ICC can increase your leadership effectiveness by 90% today.

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