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4 Overlooked Ways to Market Yourself During a Job Search

ICC February 20, 2017 0 Comments

By: Courtney Beam

The job market is ever-changing and one thing that seems to be constantly increasing is the competition among job seekers. Recruiters or hiring managers review hundreds of resumes when trying to fill an open position, so it’s important as a job-seeker to consider how to leave a memorable impression. It’s time to rethink your job search strategy and learn how to set yourself apart from the competition. Here are four easy ways to think outside of the box to creatively market yourself in a job search and leave a lasting impression.

Consider an Infographic: If you are in a creative field such as marketing, consider creating a campaign on how your skills match with the open position. When executed well, this can be a great way to display your creativity and attention to details. If creativity isn’t your thing, you can also utilize online tools such as piktochart or resumUP. It’s important to remember that infographics are not a substitute for a text resume, but rather a creative way to leave a memorable impression following an interview or during a networking meeting.

Start a Blog: A blog can be an inexpensive and relatively easy way to demonstrate your expertise to potential employers. Use your blog as a platform to display your ideas. By keeping your blog current, you can be seen as a subject matter expert in your field. Blogs also provide great content for sharing on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Create a Video: Record yourself discussing your resume, accomplishments, 30-second commercial or even one of your blogs. This is great content to include on your LinkedIn or even incorporate into your blog. Record a video of yourself discussing your accomplishments or explaining your interest in a particular job. This will help a recruiter or hiring manager see your personality incorporated with your accomplishments. They’re also more likely to remember you if they are able to connect your face and voice to your resume. If you do go this route, showing your personality is good but remember to keep it professional. A cheesy video could do you more harm than good when it comes to a job search.

Leverage Twitter: Twitter is a great way to further develop your professional brand and is often an overlooked tool in a job search. You can follow your target companies and search for profiles of employees within those companies. This is a great way to do your company research AND connect with key people. Keep in mind, you’re not necessarily using Twitter to find job openings. Instead, use it as a way to build relationships and connect with potential employers on a more casual level. Bonus… twitter is a great (and free!) platform to quickly send your blogs out to hundreds of people.

Branching out of your comfort zone into these ideas can be scary. Consider working with a professional career coach to determine which creative avenues would most benefit you in your job search AND how to appropriately execute them.

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