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Another Successful DisruptHR Event

ICC March 20, 2017 0 Comments

By: Daniel Velarde

Another successful DisruptHR Denver event was held on Thursday, March 16th at EXDO Events Center. This DisruptHR Denver 7.0 was the largest one thus far, with 400 in attendance! The energy and enthusiasm was obvious as this St. Patrick’s-themed networking event took shape, and the event hall filled with an excited audience hungry for some of the best networking opportunities and inspired talks given by industry leaders and troublemakers. Did I also mention a full bar and food trucks serving up delicious spirits and tasty treats to get the party started?!

Some of the best moments were (of course) led by the ICC team as the “Chief Disruptor” sponsor as we acted out a commercial of the symptoms that may occur when choosing the wrong outplacement provider resulting in depression, rash, irritable bowels, nausea and more. ICC followed this with launching t-shirts into the crowd via a Co2 cannon, setting the stage for many disruptive, thought-provoking and hilarious speakers and topics. One of my favorites was Bryan Glenn, CTO at ShopatHome.com, talking about the “Open Relationship” between hiring managers and internal recruiters embracing new ways of working together and not against each other, and, once in a while, getting “freaky” with one another.

Unlike traditional HR conferences, DisruptHR Denver is a let-your-hair-down, grass-roots event that tends to bring out the hidden passion of why many of us continue to do what we do in HR: expose and take new perspectives on developing and growing the most important part of our organizations – the PEOPLE.

Do you have ideas to share with us and an audience of 400 of your closest friends? Start planning to speak at the next DisruptHR Denver event on Thursday, August 24th, 2017. We’d love your comments below. See you then!

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