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Career Transition is More Critical Than Ever

ICC July 2, 2019 0 Comments


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By: Jill Thompson

Layoffs will always be a part of the landscape of corporate America.  In 2019, companies are streamlining processes and advancing technologies which can drive a reduction in force. When an organization has to make the tough economic decision to lay off employees, it is beneficial to both the departing employees as well as the “survivors” to offer compassionate outplacement.


What does this mean for the departing employee?  Job hunting today requires more sophistication than ever before. In order to find a new and meaningful role, transitioning employees will need assistance in self-assessment, crafting a job search tool kit (self-introduction, exit statement, resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile) and networking activities.  Having a career transition coach helps a job seeker stay accountable and keeps the momentum necessary to meet the job search timeline.


What does this mean for employers? Other than the fact that it’s the human thing to do – employers who offer outplacement to their separating employees can expect to see the burden lifted from their managers who are most affected by the layoff. Knowing they’ve partnered with a compassionate outplacement firm to provide career coaching and support can help them focus on their remaining team.

Offering outplacement also benefits a company’s reputation in the community by demonstrating that they take care of their employees, even in difficult times.


What does outplacement mean for the “survivors” ? Remaining employees absolutely notice how their departing co-workers are being treated. If they see their former coworkers being treated with dignity and respect, morale and productivity will improve.


Companies may be tempted to forgo the costs associated with outplacement when resources are already stretched thin, but the benefits of improved productivity, good public relations and taking care of their departing employees make offering compassionate outplacement the cost effective and RIGHT thing to do.



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