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Disrupting DisruptHR Denver: The Webinar

ICC June 3, 2019 0 Comments

By: Meredith Masse

At the April 18, 2019, DisruptHR Denver, we tried something different. Attendees voted on their top three speakers from whom they wanted to hear more from. The audience spoke, and we listened.

On May 30, we revisited the top three topics during the first ever DisruptHR Denver Double-Take Webinar, with “please do it again!” kudos from webinar participants. We heard more from:

Megan Devenport, Executive Director of Building Bridges, focuses on putting diversity and inclusion practices on steroids. She suggests paying attention to the people with whom you interact most commonly. For example, the last five people you emailed, the last five people you met and networked with, the last five TV shows you watched… If most looked similar to you in person or on paper, take note and be intentional about diversifying whose perspectives you turn to.

Kate Bischoff, employment attorney and HR consultant from tHRive, truly stirred the pot by suggesting organizations don’t include marijuana testing as part of pre-employment screening. We don’t test for alcohol use, so in states where marijuana is legal, why are we testing for its use? Kate argues that companies will be missing out on a great candidate pool if you leave out those who decided to enjoy a gummy over the weekend.

Lastly, Annie Korenjak and Sean Kearney continued the conversation over whether AI will be the death of HR. Annie warns that we must keep the human element in the workplace to attract and retain great employees even as technology takes over. Sean says there will be no such thing as re-skilling more tenured workers but it’s necessary to have the right technology skills in our workplaces for our companies to thrive. It was uncovered that AI is indeed the end of HR as we currently know it.

Watch the riveting webinar here and leave us your comments on these compelling topics: https://www.innovateicc.com/disrupthr-double-take.

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