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Don’t Leave the Spouse Behind in your Recruitment Efforts

ICC July 3, 2017 0 Comments

By: Shawna Simcik

Are you struggling to attract great talent? Many organizations, especially those with difficult, hard-to-fill positions are finding themselves needing to look outside of their local state and generate new, creative ways to attract great talent. Think highly-skilled, specialized Pediatric surgeon in healthcare, or an expert in geospatial engineering with the highest security clearance(s). You get the picture.

Relocation packages are one of the ways in which companies entice new talent to move. According to HR Capitalist, the average relocation package costs a company $21,033. While smaller companies, in general, provide less valuable packages – averaging $10,971. However, when a company really wants a candidate, regardless of size, gold-plated relocation packages can level the playing field.

Typical packages offer moving expenses, temporary living costs, lump sum payment, new home purchase assistance and more. How quickly we forget though that whenever a company asks an employee to relocate, they’re in effect asking the entire family — particularly the spouse — if they’re willing to pack up and move.

However, a failed relocation assignment is extremely expensive, disruptive and may lead to a very unhappy employee or the loss of an employee. The successful transition of an accompanying spouse or partner has direct impact on the happiness and success of a relocating employee.

Best in class recruitment packages are also offering spousal support in the form of outplacement, otherwise known as Spousal Relocation. A key component to recruiting the best people is acknowledging that the employee’s family is a unit. Offering spousal relocation services can go far in establishing rapport with a new employee and demonstrating concern for the employee’s family. Ease the stress of your new employee’s transition with spousal relocation and employee transition services.

Are you using innovative, creative ways to attract new talent? Have you had experience with Spousal Relocation services? Tell us about it.

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