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How to Use Outplacement Assistance as a Long-Term Retention Tool for Remaining Employees

ICC May 10, 2022 0 Comments

By: Jill Thompson

You may think of outplacement as something that only benefits the employee who’s just been laid off from your company. But did you know, that having an established relationship with an outplacement partner positively impacts everyone in the company and can be used as a retention tool? Here are just a few examples of how outplacement support is critical to the health of your organization.

·       Offering outplacement sustains morale and demonstrates your commitment to treating ALL employees compassionately. It shows the remaining employees that you are taking care of their former coworkers and friends during a very stressful time. Knowing their former coworkers can work with a career transition coach will also lessen some of the “survivor’s guilt” of those that will remain with the company.. In today’s market, people have more job options than ever and will actively choose to work for companies that care about their employees.

·       News travels fast in the community when layoffs occur and when things aren’t handled well, the reputation of your company can be negatively impacted. Perception is reality and if you want to retain your top talent, negative media coverage can be a cause for unexpected turnover. Going viral for the wrong reasons will also impact recruiting efforts as top candidates won’t apply for jobs with your organization AND employees who leave with a poor exit experience and no outplacement support can leave negative reviews on online employment sites for all the world to see. It’s important to maintain the company’s reputation in the community and with customers.

·       Last, but not least, a dedicated outplacement provider can help your long-term retention by facilitating organizational renewal workshops for the employees that are left to keep your company running.  Organizational changes create uncertainty, fear, and added responsibilities for those employees that remain.  Providing coaching on how to effectively lead after layoffs strengthens your commitment to your team and organization.

Including outplacement coaching in your separation packages is not only the right thing to do for departing employees, it also benefits the future of the entire company. You could boost employee referrals from former employees familiar with the corporate culture and form partnerships with former employees that remain in the industry.  Can you afford not to care?

What are some of the ways you are looking to improve your retention?

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