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Keeping Remaining Employees Engaged After a Layoff

ICC May 23, 2022 0 Comments

When you go through a layoff, downsizing or reduction-in-force – whatever you call it – it is radically important to treat departing employees with respect and compassion. For one thing, it is the right thing to do considering the devastating impact that a layoff can have on employees. In addition, the experience that employees have as they are forced to depart can affect your company’s reputation in the community, with your customers and within your industry. By treating exiting employees well, for example, by communicating openly and providing severance and compassionate outplacement services, you generate goodwill and reinforce your employment brand, which goes a long way toward future recruiting efforts.

But what about the employees who remain? Those who remain, or the “survivors,” need attention and support during a layoff too.

Download this eBook for expert insights on how to successfully retain and engage your remaining employees after layoffs, and best practices for supporting those employees during the three phases of transition.

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