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DisruptHR Denver 7.0 Topics & Speakers Announced!

ICC February 23, 2017 0 Comments

March Topics & Speakers Announced!

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Media Contact: Meredith Masse
[email protected] | (303) 865-4400

February 23, 2017, Denver, CO — A record number of topics were submitted for the 7th DisruptHR Denver in March at EXDO Events Center, and the selection committee had a mighty hard time narrowing from 45 to 13 for the event! For tickets: http://disrupthr.co/denver.

From “sticky values” and “purple unicorns” to apprenticeships, hacking biased brains and epic translation fails, the topics at the next DisruptHR Denver on March 16, 2017, will inspire, educate and entertain! Join ICC-Innovate. Coach. Consult. as the Chief Disruptor Sponsor and learn from these souls brave enough to share their crazy, unconventional ideas with 300+ human resources and other business leaders:

  • Does your services team hate the sales team? And vice versa? Adjunct Professor at CU-Denver and Johnson and Wales University Jung Park and US Paralympic Wheelchair Rugby Athlete Jason Regier present a case for “Redefining the Us vs. Them Mentality: Building Bridges Instead of Walls,” arguing we can’t simply tolerate or accept differences and challenging us to genuinely appreciate our differences to create thriving workplaces.
  • Is there benefit when we “Let the Inmates Run the Asylum”? Robert Mellwig, Senior Vice President of Really Cool People at Two Roads Hospitality, shouts unequivocally “YES!”. He presents a real-life case study of creating a new, shared culture using crowd-sourced input from 19,000 team members around the globe. The result: “sticky values” that serve as their true north.
  • “Building Your Purple Unicorn” means stop looking for the perfect datahead employee if you want to maximize Big Data in your organizations! Shannon Murphy, Product Manager with The Lean Methods Group, urges us to upskill current employees who know the biz — the customer service manager or the market research analyst — to build the unicorn (data analytics team) instead!
  • Perhaps now more than ever it’s critical to “Hack Your Biased Brain.” Maureen (Mo) Berkner Boyt of The Moxie Exchange warns that your brain is feeding you a steady stream of biased, flawed information about your team and that “unconscious bias training” simply doesn’t work. Instead, use her three hacks to build bias interrupters in every step of your talent management practices for a more inclusive workforce that produces higher profit from smarter, happier teams with lower turnover.
  • Feeling the labor shortage? Noel Ginsburg, CEO of Intertech Medical and Intertech Plastics and Founder and CEO of CareerWise Colorado has the answer: “Pointing Fingers: Why Business Needs to Stop Consuming Talent and Start Producing.” He describes how a nearly forgotten but previously valuable on-the-job training relationship — apprenticeships — are making a comeback and impacting more than the “student.” They can also increase innovation within a company, engage the existing workforce, develop a flourishing economy and, long term, change the world!
  • Have you ever seen strained relationships between hiring managers and internal recruiters? (GASP!) Chief Technology Officer at ShopAtHome.com Bryan Glenn says it’s all about “Internal Recruiter and Hiring Manager: Making an Open Relationship Work.” This, in turn, means leaving your comfort zone and embracing each other in new and creative ways… working together not against one another… even getting a little freaky sometimes…
  • “Hire for Fire: Passion in the Workplace,” or so says Dean Griess, Managing Director of Schwab Business Learning. He asserts, “When hiring, I would rather have someone who has the ‘fire in the belly’ and doesn’t have the full skill set instead of the person with a ‘complete’ resume who wants to cultivate mushrooms under their chair because they are unwilling to move their ass.”
  • “Leaders! Be or Be Not. There is No Do.” When you hear the word leader, what ideas or images does it evoke? Authority? Control? Martin Luther King, Jr.? Brynn Shader, Senior Specialist in Talent Development at Vail Resorts, invites us to step into our leadership’s shoes emphasizing, “Leadership is not a title,” as the Vail philosophy reads. “It’s a way of being [versus doing] that, if adopted, increases employee engagement, retention and, ultimately, significant financial rewards.
  • Yeah, “Giving Feedback Sucks (But Let’s Do It Anyway!).” Because if your business depends on collaboration for real success, that collaboration depends on employees’ abilities to give and receive constructive feedback. Veronica Setzke, Employee Success Maven and HR Business Partner, offers that training them in the Nonviolent Communication Process and teaching them to identify triggers that keep the receiver from being defensive are critical learning tools HR partners can use to help facilitate deeper, more effective workplace conversations.
  • Do you “Remember Your ABCs?” Author Daniel Pink says “To Sell is Human.” Bill Rau, Vice President of Human Resources at Peak Vista Community Health Centers admonishes, “To Sell is NOT Human Resources” …though it should be. “While SHRM has attempted to position HR as a profession,” says Rau, “I believe one big negative is that those who work in this traditional profession don’t see themselves as sales people. As a result, many in HR think they are ‘above sales.'” He’ll dare us to rethink our roles, especially in-house recruiters, imparting wisdom from the greatest sales movie of all time.
  • In his talk “Disrupted vs. Disruptor: The WU Way,” Josh Craver, Vice President of Talent Management at Western Union, notes that the financial institution has been disrupted on a regular basis over the past (at least) five years. In his HR transformation case study, he’ll highlight why and how HR became a partner in evolving the business and the WU Way of working, specifically leveraging the reinvention of the performance management process to drive change throughout the organization.
  • It is pure urban legend that the Chevy Nova (meaning “no go” in Spanish) never sold in Mexico. Yet there are real stories of when something in one language was lost — sometimes hilariously — in translation. Melissa Burkhart from Futuro Solido USA regales with “Does Your Health Insurance Cover Your Concubine? A Survival Guide to the Spanish Translation Debacle.”
  • The topic of benefits is precarious at best, a balancing act between employees’ seemingly insatiable benefits appetite and need for job satisfaction and the company’s bottom line. Sharing the latest trends and practical tips in employee benefits and their fit into a total rewards philosophy, Patrick Blanchard and Brennan Rittenhouse from Compensation and Benefits Solutions offer current best practices for “Employees with Benefits: Planning for a Happy Ending.”

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