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DisruptHR Denver Speakers & Topics Announced!

ICC September 1, 2016 0 Comments

For Immediate Release

Meredith Masse, [email protected]

From “Workaholism” to “Working Moms” to changing the world of work to change the world, the topics at the next DisruptHR Denver on Sept. 28 will fo’ sho’ rock your world! Join ICC as the Chief Disruptor at the next DisruptHR Denver to learn from these souls brave enough to share their crazy, unconventional ideas:

Jared Lafitte encourages “Don’t Staple The Oranges: Rethinking Culture From Roots to Fruits” and says it takes more than games and snacks to transform cultures that can make an real impact.

Michele J. Wagner asks “Are you a Workaholic?” and offers advice to learn more about the signs, symptoms and tools to overcome this insidious addiction.

Samantha Schreiner shouts from the rooftops that if we can “Change the World of Work and Change the World” and can have an effect on our local society in areas like mental health outcomes and bullying in schools.

Caleb Hanson uses his marketing prowess to address “U.S. Employees: Detached, Disengaged, and Disenchanted” and gives tips for engaging them with the same amount of time, attention, and resources that we devote to our marketing efforts and customer engagement strategies.

Nora Burns has worn “Polyester Uniforms, Name Tags, and Flair” in her life as an undercover employee.  She’ll share stories, insights, laughter from her time posing as the new hire on the front lines of 5 different Fortune 500 companies.

Amanda Nelson cries out, “Shut up, I’m Thinking!” and stresses a different way of looking at workplace communication problems.  Everyone complaining that communication is the problem at work? She says you don’t have a communication problem, you have a thinking problem.

Shawna Simcik contradicts popular thinking and advises, “LEAN OUT!” Should stay-at-home moms always just stay home? She says companies and recruiters are not talking to women who left their jobs to stay home with their families… and are missing out on stellar employees.

Stephanie Klein warns “Keep Your Enemies Close and Your Recruiters Closer.” She’ll share funny, poignant and wonderful stories about the sometimes tenuous and impactful relationships that can develop between HR and outside recruiter partners.

Kendra Prospero claims companies have to “‘Flexibilize’ to Survive” in the competition for great talent. She focuses her talk on the benefits of flexible workplaces that outweigh the cons.

James Capps admonishes leaders and managers saying they need to look beyond the hype and manage technologists… it “Requires More than a Keg and Ping Pong Table.” The expectations of today’s skilled resources, new and seasoned, have evolved. Their companies need to evolve as well.

Julie O. Perkins will teach us a new language in 5 minutes.  It’s the language of energy – to understand what energy wave or energy level you’re functioning from…how it’s rippling out around you…and what impact it’s having on your colleagues, coworkers and direct reports.

Stephen Moulton closes with this reprimand: “Stop Abusing your Managers and Employees with Performance Appraisals” and offers neuroscientific proof why the feedback that is given is typically rejected by the employee, and what can be done to really improve employee performance.

DisruptHR Denver is Sept. 28, 5-8pm, at EXDO Events Center. Register now to guarantee your spot! http://disrupthr.co/denver



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