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Go Ahead – Waste Your Development Dollars

ICC May 3, 2016 0 Comments

Cincinnati Breakfast Speaker Series Event

 Are you fighting to gain budget, to invest in people development, only to find that you are developing the wrong people or they are failing as new leaders?


The ask for additional dollars to invest is certainly justifiable given that 83% of organizations say targeted development for all leader levels is important to the success of the business. Yet, we continue to hear that companies have restricted budgets and, more importantly, limited time they are willing to devote to development.

What can you do to guarantee a better return on the development investment? Join us as Martin Lanik, Ph.D. shares a simpler way of looking at making smarter investments in your talent development.

Martin Lanik, Ph.D.
Internationally Recognized Speaker and Expert

Recognized as a global leader in talent-management technology, Martin has connected with the world’s leading experts to bring an innovative vision to the field of Talent Management. An internationally recognized speaker, Martin speaks at conferences around the world on topics related to talent assessment and development. As the CEO of Pinsight™, Martin pushes his global team to constantly create higher value for their clients. In 2015, Pinsight™ won the prestigious Gold Award from Chief Learning Officer Magazine – Learning in Practice Awards.


This Exclusive Event is Applicable to Business Leaders and Executives in Every Industry. Don’t Miss Out.

Contact ICC to register at [email protected] or by calling 855-865-4400.

Date: Thursday, May 19, 2016
7:30 am to 9:30 am
The Kenwood Country Club
        6501 Kenwood Road
          Cincinnati, OH 45243

Buffet breakfast will be provided.

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