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ICC Launches Next-Gen Accelerator™ Program for Developing Emerging Leaders

ICC October 16, 2018 0 Comments

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ICC Launches Next-Gen Accelerator Program
for Developing Emerging Leaders


October 16, 2018, Denver, CO – ICC: Innovate. Coach. Consult., a talent management, organizational effectiveness and outplacement services firm, has officially launched its ground-breaking, next-generation leadership development program for emerging leaders. The Accelerator™ Program launched early last week to a select few companies that applied to be part of ICC’s beta group.

The leadership development program promises up to 80% knowledge retention, on-the-job skill application and higher ROI for the development investment. Geared toward the distracted yet development-deprived modern learner, the robust Accelerator™ program melds together game-changing technology with best-practice live learning: micro-learning with reinforcement activities, live virtual classrooms and powerful simulations.

“Employees are overwhelmed, have less than 1% of their time available for traditional training and development and demand learning in the moment. Additionally, the money companies typically invest in training is just wasted. When learners return from training events, they can forget upwards of 80% of what is learned within 24 hours – quickly reverting back to old habits. The new AcceleratorTM Program is ICC’s innovative, proprietary leadership development program that has flipped traditional training frameworks on their heads. It combines micro-learning, reinforcements to increase retention of learned skills, coaching to move employees from passive learners to active application on-the-job, and manager structured support to enable managers to have more meaningful conversations and create an environment of accountability for action and growth” adds Shawna Simcik, ICC’s President of Business Leadership.

While the program has been rolled out to organizations participating in the beta group study, Accelerator™ will be available to the public after January 1, 2019.

“We believe we will see from the beta group, higher levels of knowledge and skills, increased on the job application & practice, and that participants managers will report positive behavior change in their direct reports. As with any beta group, we are trying to ensure that the highest quality development experience is delivered to our clients” adds Susan Ruhl, ICC’s President and CFO.

For more information about bringing the power of the Accelerator™ Program to your organization, visit https://www.innovateicc.com/talent-management-consulting-accelerator-management-leadership-development-program/, email ICC at [email protected] or call toll-free at (855) 865-4400.


To learn more information about ICC’s other services in talent management and organizational effectiveness as well as our compassionate outplacement services, please visit our website: https://www.innovateicc.com/



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