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ICC Launches Powerful “Next-Level” Leadership Development Platform

ICC January 26, 2017 0 Comments

iLead™ Meets Needs of the Modern Learner, Combats the Forgetting Curve

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January 26, 2017, Denver, CO, and Cincinnati, OH – ICC – Innovate. Coach. Consult. announces the roll-out of its game-changing leadership development platform, iLead™. iLead™ combines the best of highly interactive training workshops with technology-driven reinforcement and on-the-job application to create best-in-class experiential learning to support organizations in meeting their goals.

“This is truly ‘next-level’ stuff!” exclaimed an ICC leadership development client from a national cable and telecommunications company headquartered in Denver.

“We know that people retain very little after most traditional training sessions,” says Shawna Simcik, ICC President, Business Leadership. “Without reinforcement and appropriate application, within a month, most training course participants will have forgotten nearly 80% of the new knowledge and skills.”

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“iLead is designed specifically to improve retention through the use of reinforcements that prompt participants to re-engage in the learning even after the training session is complete,” continued Simcik. “Our iLead platform starts with highly interactive workshops versus traditional lecture-style training, then includes condensed yet powerful reinforcements to increase retention. We include coaching to support participants in ‘perfect practice’ to ensure they can course-correct as necessary and get it right.”

ICC’s innovative iLead platform is being implemented in client companies in the cable and telecommunications industries as well as engineering, utilities, financial services and technology.

The expected results: development that sticks.

To learn more about implementing the iLead platform in your organization, contact ICC at [email protected] or toll-free (855) 865-4400.

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