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ICC Releases Record-Breaking Satisfaction Survey Results

ICC October 31, 2016 0 Comments

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 Personalized Services in an Industry Rapidly Shifting to Virtual Delivery Earns Consumer Accolades

October 31, 2016 – Denver, CO, and Cincinnati, OH –  ICC – Innovate. Coach. Consult., an OI Global Partners firm, the world’s leading provider of compassionate career transition services, today unveiled its industry-record-breaking satisfaction survey results. While most other global outplacement providers are scaling back services to cheap-to-deliver, web-based programs, ICC’s survey results are proving departing employees want more from the company’s investment in job search and career transition support.

“ICC’s outplacement programs are intentionally different compared to traditional, time-limited programs,” said Susan Ruhl, ICC founding partner, President, CFO and outplacement lead. “We focus on one-on-one attention for every separated employee regardless of their previous position or their program level, because we know it takes more than a webinar and an email from the outplacement provider to give individuals the compassionate support they need to bounce back quickly from a job loss.”

Survey results prove the one-one-one attention works. According to ICC’s outplacement service users:

  • The average time in transition is 3.08 months, compared to the industry standard that job seekers can expect one month of search for every $10,000 in salary
  • 70% rate ICC’s one-on-one services as “Exceeding Expectations”
  • 85% rate ICC’s personalized outplacement approach as “Above Average” or higher
  • And 92% indicate they would recommend ICC to a friend in need of services

ICC attributes this level of success to its unique approach to outplacement, including the individualized attention departing employees receive when working directly with their dedicated Career Transition Coach.

“No pre-recorded webinar or ‘interactive worksheet’ can help a job seeker navigate through the inevitable and highly emotional moments they will feel while trying to rebound,” asserts Shawna Simcik, founding partner and President, Business Leadership at ICC. “The most positive impact comes during the time individuals spend with a professional coach, someone who can empower them with the skills and motivation for conducting a successful modern job search.”

ICC boasts one of the highest levels of personalized support in the industry per client companies’ investment in outplacement services, as illustrated in the following chart.

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“The really sad thing about [my outplacement provider’s] time-bound programs is that the exited employee certainly doesn’t get what the company pays for,” explains one 20-year human resources veteran who was recently laid off for the first time and received a 6-month program – from a traditional, time-limited services company – valued at $4,000 with her company’s volume discount.

“As you can imagine, going through all of this for the first time in my career is very difficult. And to be assigned a consultant who casually told me he’s paid hourly and that it’s my job to stay motivated if I expect to find a new job…? Scary thing is that he’s the one assigned to executive-level individuals. The [company] consultant that was assigned to me is basically a nice guy just trying to do his job and walk a [company] line, but it’s discouraging. Certainly says they don’t think much of the separated leader if they’re assigned to an entry-level consultant. Their processes are not very friendly, either.

I hope I have the opportunity to partner with ICC for outplacement services when I do land and am in the position to make that buying decision. I love what ICC offers and stands for and hope that I have the chance to utilize your services in the future. (Although, I don’t want to personally test out your outplacement – no offense!) You are honest, fair, down-to-earth, professional and understand what it takes.”

For companies expecting layoffs in the fourth quarter of 2016 or the first half of 2017, more information will be shared on ICC’s complimentary webinar Rise Above the Risk: Overlooked Steps when Planning a Layoff. Register here for this session on Thursday, November 17, 12:00pm Eastern / 10:00am Mountain.

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ICC-Innovate. Coach. Consult. is an OI Global Partners firm, a global outplacement and talent management consulting firm with more than 225 offices around the world. Based in Denver and Cincinnati, ICC firmly believes that the success of a business lives and dies by its people. Acting as an extension to client organization’s internal resources, ICC helps human resources and other leaders add value to the bottom line through talent management consulting, organizational effectiveness, compassionate outplacement services and executive coaching. Visit www.InnovateICC.com.


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