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Managing Through Chaos: Coaching Skills for Leaders

ICC June 2, 2021 0 Comments

Do you find yourself drowning in a storm pandemic cyclone? Do you want to expand your leadership influence during these times of chaos, but you can’t do everything? In our chaotic environment, it’s crucial to expand your leadership capacity by utilizing coaching skills. Leaders who adopt coaching techniques can more easily adapt as well as empower and develop others. But how? In this engaging live webinar, leaders from every function, including HR, get answers to tough questions like:

– Why are coaching skills critical right now as a strategic leader? What if I don’t have time? What if I am the only one with answers? Why can’t I just fix them? Why now?

We help leaders get very clear on what coaching is and what it is not and discuss the specific skills and behaviors needed in order to be an effective coaching leader. We also dive into practical tips for developing those skills and coaching questions attendees can start to use immediately.

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